Women's health physiotherapists are highly skilled in the assessment and conservative treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction in women of all ages, and in the prevention and treatment to relieve the physical stresses of pregnancy and labour. Management of these issues is aimed at empowering women to take control of their symptoms and improve their quality of life.



Recent evidence and government health guidelines recommend the use of physiotherapy for issues including incontinence, pelvic pain and pelvic organ prolapse. Up to 1 in 3 women experience a women's health issue at some point in their lifetime but many are not aware that effective, non-surgical treatment is available or are too embarrassed to ask for it. 

Many women find that they have already made small adaptations to accommodate these issues, whether consciously or not, which can limit their quality of life, sociability or confidence. While your symptoms may be common, they are not an inevitable part of the natural ageing process or of childbirth.

Here at Nascot Therapies, I offer confidential treatments tailored to meet your individual needs for a range of conditions relating to pelvic floor dysfunction including:

  • Incontinence (urinary leakage whilst exercising, coughing and sneezing or not making it to the toilet in time)

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Pelvic floor disorders (weakness or over-activity)

  • Poor bowel function (constipation or incontinence)

  • Sexual discomfort (pain or discomfort on intercourse)

  • Rehabilitation post gynaecological surgery

  • Pre and postnatal gynaecological problems



What to expect from your first appointment:

Your appointment will begin by taking a confidential and detailed history of your condition. This will be followed by a physical examination of your abdomen and pelvis. You may then be offered an internal examination to identify the tone, strength and endurance of your pelvic floor muscles. This examination will be fully discussed with you prior to it taking place. These assessments will enable an individualised exercise programme to be created for you, bearing in mind your lifestyle and day to day commitments. 


For some women, the joy of pregnancy can be marred by hip, back or pelvic pain caused by the physical stresses of pregnancy and labour. Urinary incontinence can also be common towards the end of pregnancy or in the postnatal period. It is a myth that these conditions must be simply endured. In many cases, these can be significantly improved with women's health physiotherapy management.


Here at Nascot Therapies, I offer comprehensive management of these conditions both during pregnancy and in the postnatal period. Conditions treated include:

  • Pelvic girdle pain (pain can present in the lower back, hips or over the pubic symphasis)

  • Low back pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or De Quervain's syndrome

  • Upper back or thoracic pain

  • Tummy muscle gap (rectus abdominis divarication)

  • Pelvic floor muscle damage

  • Bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction

Treatment options include:

  • Teaching pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Soft tissue massage of the muscles and connective tissues around the pelvis, hips and back

  • Exercise prescription

  • Acupuncture

  • Advice regarding equipment such as pregnancy support belts, muscle stimulators, and dilators

  • Internal myofascial stretching, scar massage and trigger point release